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Woodstock High School
University of West Georgia
Clemson University

2012 - 2016 | High School Diploma

2016 - 2018 | Undergraduate Engineering Studies

2018 - 2022 | B.S. Industrial Engineering 

Politecnico di Milano

2023 - 2024 | Masters in Yacht Design


University Experience

The Industrial Engineering department at Clemson University has provided me with the education and tools necessary to work effectively in a manufacturing environment. With an emphasis on good ethics, the education provided by Clemson has taught me the aspects of Industrial Engineering to help manage and improve the processes within a company to maintain an organized manufacturing effort and to ensure that the facilities support such manufacturing efforts. 

ENGR 2080 - Engineering Graphics and Machine Design

ENGR 2080: Project 2

In this project, the class was given pictures of parts files of a vice and was assigned to develop the parts files, assemble the parts and document the dimensions of the parts, the assembly of the parts, and the assembly itself. Click below to download a .zip file of my work from this project!

IE 4400 - Decision Support Systems in Industrial Engineering

Visual Basic Project

Visual Basic is the coding language within Microsoft Excel used to build interfaces and macros within the excel file. The coding language works well with SQL integration for data analysis. In this class, three projects are showcased. One project is to develop an interface within excel to gather and check information entered by the user, another is to suggest class rooms from a list given a selected course, and the last project is to suggest class rooms from an SQL database given a selected course, 

IE 3010 - Systems Design I

Product Development

In the first Systems Design class, the students are taught the process of product development using tools and information gathered from potential customers. In this project, I was paired with two other students to develop an expandable cupholder to fit larger beverages in your vehicle's cupholder.

IE 4820 - Systems Modeling

Arena Process Simulation and Analysis 

Arena is an automation software that requires statistical distributions for different functions to allow the user to simulate and design a process model. In this final assignment for this class, the automated simulation to be designed was a scenario of a 16 hour-per-day outpatient clinic. The deliverables of the assignment included an analysis of adding additional resources for the clinic given a monetary constraint to decide which setup of the facility works best for its use. 

IE 4670 - Systems Design II

Senior Facility Design Project

I worked with a group of three other students to solve a semester long project of a mock manufacturing expansion scenario assigned and overseen by the professor. In this project, my team and I made assumptions to further build the scenario, developed a facility layout model, simulated the process of manufacturing and warehousing within the facility, and evaluated costs all with attentive detail to mitigating costs while still meeting future demand. Click below to download a .zip file of the project!

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