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FRP Projects

The majority of these projects have been performed at CC Marine in Anderson, SC where I first learned FRP construction and refinishing methods and techniques. CC Marine specializes in full restorations, structural repairs, paint and gelcoat refinishing, and electrical and rigging work on all types of boats. During my time at CC Marine, I gained valuable knowledge to help push and guide me further down the path of fiberglass and composite boat building. I am very appreciative the opportunity that CC Marine had given me to learn about an industry that I feel most passionate about. 


1985 American Skier Advance

This is my personal project boat that originally introduced me into FRP restoration and custom building. This has been the project that has helped guide me down the path of recognizing my career passions. It is still in process, and I have completed a vast majority of the work myself. I have performed a stringer, transom, and floor replacement. I have laminated and faired in the original fiberglass bench seat into the interior along with rebuilding the driver side foot rest. The boat is in the process of getting new gelcoat and paint for the secondary colors.


Twin Vee Restoration

The Twin Vee that was contracted by CC Marine for a full restoration. On the catamaran, I had more extensive work with rigging, assembly, and building the electric circuits for the boat as the boat was outfitted with an extra 24 volt system to be reliable offshore. This was the first boat that I helped install and laminate new structural flooring. The refinishing work was done by the other employees at the company. A custom hardtop was built, and custom cabin windows were installed along with an aft settee.


Bertram Moppie Hull Extensions

There were two Bertram 31 Moppies that had hull extensions built to accommodate outboard engines. These boats were extended to 35 feet to help the vessel get onto plane quickly. On the first hull extension, I performed the capping layers on the deck and the transom board cap as well as building the structural knees supporting the sides of the hull extension. On the second hull extension, I assisted in adding more structural glass to the stringer grid inside the vessel, and I observed the shop's building process when performing a hull extension. After further research, I would have reverse lofted the vessel to keep the same lofting lines when extending the hull to keep the curvature the same. 


Checkmate Starlite

This is an inboard to an outboard conversion performed at CC Marine in which the original engine compartment was fitted to hold the fuel tank and rigging, with the enclosure of the original engine compartment being repurposed to accommodate a layout pad and a settee. There were structural restorations and additions which included deck-to-stringer knee reinforcements, floor replacement, deck-to-hull midship bulkhead, deck-to-hull taping reinforcement, custom transom build, and custom dashboard build to fit a Mercury interface. 


Grady White Transom Rebuild

This is a custom transom rebuild to accommodate a custom settee build at the stern of the boat. The outboard engine was originally mounted to the back of the transom, and the top of the transom board was recessed to the midway of the draft in the center of the transom. On the original transom, when mounting the outboard motor to the top of the transom, the outboard had the correct height. For the rebuild, this boat had its transom filled to the deck, and the aft ring deck extended across the stern. Then an engine bracket was added, and the outboard motor installed. 


Contender Bottom Paint and Gelcoat Restoration

This project is a single outboard Contender 25T center console boat that came into the shop needing a gelcoat polish, a detail, and a new antifouling bottom paint job. The boat also needed some repairs on the mounting location of the trim tabs on the transom from aftermarket trim tabs being installed. This is a quick turnaround boat for a resell for customer who had purchased the boat through a salvage auction.

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