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About Me

When I think back upon my early childhood, the vast majority of memories that are recognizable to me are on Lake Allatoona in North Georgia. My family owned a houseboat that we would spend as much of our time on as we possibly could whether we were camping or just going for joy rides. My father was adamant about teaching me the maintenance and the repairs of the marine systems on our boat. I remember helping him with the engine maintenance on the vessel, but I was much more involved with helping as I could fit in the cramped engine compartments better than my father could. When I got older and was able to handle more responsibilities, my father taught me how to captain the vessel, so he would be able to eat with our family friends while on dinner cruises. Unfortunately this lifestyle was taken away from me when my father passed away when I was thirteen. Since then, it has been a life goal of mine to get back into the liveaboard lifestyle, so I may be able to give my children the experiences similar to what I enjoyed. 

As I was working on my engineering degree, I had planned to transfer to Clemson University in hopes of getting my Mechanical Engineering degree. Clemson is home to the best lakes in the southeast, so I purchased a boat project to fix and refit to my own style while I took class. With this project, I had hit the learning curve with FRP boat building head on as I originally had no idea what I was really getting into. After I replaced the floor in the boat, I went to a boat restoration shop in the area to ask about getting a paint job, but instead, I was hired by the company as a part time employee. After a few weeks into my employment, the pandemic started, and I started working full time at the company, and after some research into the boat building industry, I had decided to switch my major to Industrial Engineering. The experience and knowledge gained there helped me bridge into my engineering work performed at Invincible Boat Company. Without the purchase of this project, I would not have had the experiences and the knowledge that I have today and I am truly grateful for this. 

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