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Manufacturing Move to Merida, Mexico

Involvement in the Facility

With the Mexico project, my whole involvement within the company was building towards this manufacturing move. Building a bill of materials to track and identify the parts and the molds for shipping was the initial step to take to facilitate the logistics for this project. Then updating the lamination schedules and building build process documentation with cloth trimming instructions was the second step needed. Instructions of assembly of the fiberglass parts were needed to help with shipping the constructed fiberglass parts back to the United States for final assembly. From start to finish, the build instructions for the 36' monohull were very detailed and absolutely necessary to maintain the same build standards between manufacturing facilities.

I thoroughly enjoyed training and educating a team of operators and engineers the techniques of fiberglass boat building that I had gained from my custom boat building experience and my experience within manufacturing. Inevitably, rework on some of the parts was necessary, and the need to apply my experience with repair work became vital to the manufacturing effort. Educating my engineering peers on the manufacturing process and answering their questions on the details within the manufacturing process helped me understand how I could improve on such a project. Another challenge that we faced was our difference between the imperial and metric system of units as we discussed the clearances and tolerances for the build. During 2021, I worked in Mexico for two months, and I enjoyed my time at work and within their culture. 

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